The Magic of Unpredictability in the Crypto Industry

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time so I want to talk about it. It is one of the reasons why I am building this educational-informational-training crypto-platform for 2023. Probably the main reason.

I notice people using this wrong approach towards decentralization, blockchain and crypto.

They open the charts and do not close them until their eyes are bleeding.

They look at Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs and Metaverse through a very narrow point of view like prices, if they will grow 10-20-50x and if all these can happen overnight.

This approach is wrong from the beginning.

  • It is slaughtering the purpose of decentralization and blockchain
  • It cuts out all the benefits which can impact so many life, business and financial areas for so many people
  • It rips you off the power of choice and control because you rely on external resources more than you rely on the internal ones
  • It promises you a lie because there is no possibility to predict anything in this life and it rips off all the benefits that could improve your life, your state of mind and your surrounding, non-related but much more rewarding than having a project going 20x

If you just pick a project with low price, check what some dudes on the internet are saying about it and throw your money in, the chances of you getting those massive gains in a short period of time are close to zero. What does this mean? It means you are losing. Your time, money, mind and relationships.

In trading, just like in life, the more information you have, the more likely is to predict an outcome of an action and take a better decision. The more decisions you make using this approach, the more experience you gain and the more control you have over the outcome that any actions you decide taking will have.

When you study the project, the technology, the industries and sectors impacted by it, the team, the partners, the roadmap, their posts and their direct interaction with people and then if it’s worth it, do a strong technical analysis of the numbers, your chances of taking a good decision increase significantly.

Attention! I did not say you will know 100% what is going to happen. You will increase your chances of taking a good decision with a favorable outcome.

That is the magic of unpredictability in life.

When people are creating and using models, they do it because the human nature needs predictability and an increased possibility of what the outcome will be of taking a certain decision.

There is no formula or model that can work 100%. Especially if it’s made by others. You are you.

The questions you ask provide you with valuable answers coming from within, not from someone else.

Deciding, taking action and living consciously is what makes us different from animals. It’s what makes us capable to do extraordinary things.

Go get the most valuable information you can, don’t get stuck in overthinking, take some decisions based on what you have, act accordingly, gain experience, filter the information, take better decisions, get better results and increase your chances of success over time. This is how you do it.

Here you find the freedom to set any goals, any expectations, aim for any outcome and do it in whatever way you want with whatever resources fit you the best.

Remember, in the ultimate reality, there are no rules, models, and formulas.

You create your own rules, models and formulas based on who you are and what fits you the best. You create your own goals, strategy, expectations and way of working, at your own pace and according to your own terms.

Got that? Good.

Now go spend some time in solitude and reflect on this questions:

  • What can I do to find more crypto projects with potential?
  • What can I do to elaborate a better trading strategy?
  • What can I do to make a better technical analysis?
  • What can I do to understand the market better?
  • What can I do to take better trading decisions?
  • What can I do to understand the technology and industries impact more?
  • What can I do to create any chances for me to take advantage of the Web 3.0 era professionally?

See what I did here? I asked what CAN you do.

Not what you should do, not what you must do, not what you have to do, not what you’re supposed to do. What CAN you do?

Sticking to who you are means finding your limits, reaching them and getting over them.

Until next time!



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George Junior

George Junior

My dream job hasn’t been invented yet. I share in-depth analysis and practical insights about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverse. I Love Italy!